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Most women, deep down want to be sexy, naughty and much more sexually active then they dare to admit.
Women quite often deprive themselves of their sexuality because society tells them that they shouldn’t express it freely and openly. Women are also told that they are only there for men’s gratification and their only role as a woman is to satisfy their man rather than to be a sexual being in their own right.
There is a myth about sex that damages both men and women. This myth is subconsciously reinforced by both sexes. This myth comes from men’s fear of women’s sexuality and women’s fear of being classed as “easy”.
This myth appears in various forms like ‘men like sex more than women’ ‘women only have sex to please men’ and my favorite one ‘nice women don’t like sex’ yeah right! I am yet to find a woman that agrees with this myth. The truth is a lot of women have a much higher sex drive than a lot of men. I will repeat that just to make sure its very clear…Most women love sex more than most men.
Men’s fearMen are conditioned to think that an ideal woman will only ever be as dirty as he wants or feels comfortable with. This conditioning creates fear of the reality and this is one of the reasons that this silly myth still exists. Men are also conditioned (in varying degrees) to judge women who are open about their enjoyment of sex, especially if they sleep with a lot of different partners.
Women’s fearWomen feel judged by society so lie (even to themselves!!) and repress their true sexual feelings and desires so they can meet men’s/society’s expectations. This sexual repression is very unhealthy. At best women can miss out on lots of great sex at worst it can cause mental and emotional issues such as anxiety or depression.
We need to stop this silly myth:
Men – You need to grow a bigger pair of balls and accept the reality that most women love sex more than you and will try anything to feed their sexual desires. If you become the type of man that a woman knows won’t judge her for her desires but instead will only encourage them then she will be at her sexiest with you. Of course you will reap the rewards for being clever enough not to follow the BS society chucks at us all.
Women – You need to be brave and help stop this myth. Be as honest as you can with your partners and express your sexuality freely. If they can’t handle it then you have to ask the question, are they right for you? The wrong partners will quickly disappear and the ones that want to help free your sexuality (the real men) will replace them. That is of course as long as you keep an eye out for the good ones!
So if you haven’t done so already you need to accept the fact that most women love sex more than most men. This can either be liberating or scary or both depending on what you choose to do with this fact. Embracing this knowledge and using it to increase your personal levels of satisfaction can be liberating for everyone involved.


Written by :Damilola Akindejoye

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