Pastor Nike Adeyemi : WOMAN ON A MISSION

Woman on a Mission

by ( Pst. Nike Adeyemi)


The story of Esther is very familiar to us – from an humble background to the palace where she discovered her mission to save a race from extermination! Esther 4:14-16

After Esther fulfilled this mission, she got a signet ring from the King which she began to use to execute laws and decrees for the land.

What is a mission? Any important task or duty that is assigned, allotted or self-imposed; Mission involves sending or being sent for a calling or purpose.

What is your mission? Have you understood it yet? Are you already living it? Or are you waiting to understand it?
– Until you realise your mission, choose to be part of a valid & worthy cause
– Fulfilling your mission gives you eternal rewards; irrespective of what you possess or achieve, if you have not fulfilled your God-given mission, you lack eternal rewards in the kingdom
– Do not be afraid to fulfil your God-given mission for it is better to die in faith than in live in fear.
– Whatever answer you seek is usually embedded in you fulfilling your mission joyfully
– Fun and enjoyment abounds in the mission
– Every mission should be driven by the love for God and humanity
– 2 Cor. 4:6-9 Everyone has a treasure/some deposit which should be used to affect others positively
– No one is ordinary, we are all significant
– We are never too young or old to be mission minded; hence it is never too early to expose our kids to fulfilling the mission – remember Jesus in the temple at 12!
– God has sent every one of us as light in the midst of the darkness that pervades the earth Isaiah 60:1-4; Matt. 5:16. Wherever we find ourselves, let our light shine.
– Luke 8:1-3 Even Mary, Jesus’ mother provoked him to begin His ministry, you can provoke your kids to mission fulfilment
– What will you be known for? What are you going about for? What is your relevance about? As you discover and fulfil purpose, others develop their own purpose and mission as well.
– There is a need for focus when you are mission minded; study your mission field I Tim. 2:15-16
– Make time out for resting and spending time with family while on the mission
– Take timing seriously; learn to be punctual
– Do not cast away your confidence Heb. 10:35


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