My Prayers and Wishes Are With President Fela Durotoye – Seun Oloketuyi

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About 18 years ago, I met Fela Durotoye, for the first time, through Tara, his wife, at his P residence. When anyone spends ample time with Fela, you’re quick to discover two crucial things about him, is his gift of discernment, he always has something succinct to say to every person, that strikes a cord in them. The second alluring attribute that you’re quick to notice being around this man is his vastness. Fela is widely read, and trust me when I say he knows something about almost everything. And his knowledge is these topics are beyond beginners level.

And yes, Fela adorns his love for God like an ornament and he stops at nothing to encourage everyone close to him to do same.

The story of the Best Of Nollywood (BON) brand can not be completed exhausted without a paragraph dedicated to this distinguished personality.

Fela literally supported me financially, and was also offered listening ears when I needed to talk to someone about how the journey was getting mucky. He gave me very ample advices that saw us through those challenging period.

When the news came to me that he was running for the office of the presidency, I was at first scared, wondering how he (being who he is) would navigate the grubby political terrain in the country.

The Fela that I know will not play fiddle; and cant play in the mud, or abase himself to the average mediocre politician in the country. He is a thorough breed, and a well polished man.

He is responsible and will be careful not to throw promises around that he wouldn’t fulfil. He is a man who doesn’t eat up his words. He is a responsible husband and father, and I trust him to stay true to that.

I trust Fela’s mental capacity to efficiently utilise the social media to champion his course and harness followers for his ambition.

Howbeit, I cannot help but ponder on how that formulae works in Northern Nigeria, where millions of voters are illiterates.

I should trust Fela’s guts, I am confident he must have taught through his ambition, before taking the leap. I wish him well. I am confident that if he emerges winner at the polls, Nigeria will never be the same again. Fela’s honesty, time tested principles and exposure will set Nigeria on a new trajectory.

God help you Fela.
Seun Oloketuyi I writes from igbemo Ekiti

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