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One in Ibadan. Another in Abuja and yet another one in Jos. And those are only the publicized ones. Of recent there has been public outcry against the way that some women have murdered their husbands in cold blood.

What most of us don’t know is that women have always murdered their husbands under one small provocation or the other from time immemorial. It is just that in the past, they do it with concealed tact. Nowadays, they are brutal and behave like a typical Dracula that enjoys the sight of blood.

What most civilizations have been able to hide is the fact that men suffer more in most marriages. But it is not in their place to cry out for help or lament their fate. After all, a man is a man and he is expected to behave as one. So they endure pains without a quiver until they either drop dead or get killed by their wife. What most folks don’t know about human psychology is that women are more ferocious and merciless than men. Have you observed that most of the inhuman treatments inflicted on housemaids, other people’s children etcetera are by women? The worst that a man can feel towards his wife’s children fathered by another man is lukewarmness. A wife on the other other hand can nurse bitter hatred for her husband’s children from another woman. Do you know that step mums are more wicked than step dads?

Women: the most beautiful, alluring and most appealing to men of God’s creations. But who told you that death is always ugly and terrifying in appearance?

Is it not better to go out of hubby’s life than to kill him?

God have mercy. ..(A reflection of an unconventional minds)

– – Godwin Agbese

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